Сообщество Практиков Конкурентной Разведки

Russian Community of Competitive Intelligence Practitioners

Comunity of Competitive Intelligence Practitioners

Конкурентная разведка, Бизнес-разведка, Корпоративная разведка, Деловая разведка по открытым источникам в бизнесе.

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Сообщество практиков конкурентной разведки

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Правила Сообщества практиков Конкурентной разведки


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Сообщество практиков конкурентной разведки


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Jonathan Calof

Почетный член Сообщества Практиков Конкурентной разведки

Dr. Calof is recognized as one of the leaders in intelligence and business insight.

A professor of International Business and Strategy at the Telfer School of Management at University of Ottawa, Dr. Calof combines research and consulting in competitive intelligence, technical foresight and management insight in the creation of the Universities management insight program.

As well, he is a Board member for CASIS (Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies), is on the advisory board for the Algonquin College intelligence analyst program, and is also co-director of the Foresight Synergy Network and Foresight Leaders Forum.

Jonathan has given over 1000 speeches, seminars and keynote addresses around the world on intelligence and insight and has helped several companies and government agencies around the world enhance their intelligence capabilities.

In recognition of his contribution to the competitive intelligence field, Jonathan was presented with Frost and Sullivan’s life time achievement award and was made a Fellow of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

He has also named Honorary Professor at Yunnan Normal University in China and is on Russia’s Nanotechnology Foresight Advisory board.

Interest in his work has also resulted in several interviews on radio and in print around the world and has been featured in national publications as Forbes, Business Week, CIO Magazine, Financial Times, The National Post, Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, and others.

He is a prolific author with over 150 publications to his credit. As well, Jonathan is the author and co-editor of several books on competitive intelligence including co-editor of the Competitive Intelligence Foundation’s Conference and Trade Show Intelligence book.

He also pens a column on event intelligence for competitive intelligence magazine.

In addition to his involvement in the consulting and academic world, Dr. Calof is also a director with Success Nexus, a Malaysian biodiesel Company, RoboCoder, a Canadian software company, an Associate with the Estey Centre, and on the advisory board of Mempore, a Canadian cleantech company.




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Конкурентная разведка, Бизнес-разведка, Корпоративная разведка, Деловая разведка по открытым источникам в бизнесе.

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